Leading fitness trainer and life coach Karen Porter has been living in the Middle East for 10 years. Since living in Qatar, much of her training and the classes she leads have been taken outside. Porter shares with FitPro a session snippet from her Pilates Bootcamp class.

“Pilates Bootcamp … two words that may not always go together, but this class works so well. I designed this class to allow a complete focus on the core and, at the same time, enable my clients to maintain an increased heart rate using some dynamic moves. In Doha, there is little need to walk anywhere and general activity is low. I have found that Pilates Bootcamp has given people the ability to engage their core while still getting the benefit of full-body movements,” says Porter.

She adds, “More benefits include:

promoting proper alignment
strengthening the whole body
improving flexibility, shape and tone
building endurance
relieving stress
boosting athletic performance
being low impact
fat burning.”

The scene is set

There are 5 sections. Each section has 3 movements which are performed for 1 min each, this is repeated twice with a 30 second break in between

Pilates Bootcamp

This is a fabulous sequence to do over the Christmas period. You can even do it at home and, if you don’t have the equipment, it can still be done without it … or you may be able to improvise.

Watch the video here:
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