“I can’t recommend Karen’s coaching highly enough. I’d been feeling overwhelmed by work, family, bereavement and expat life in general. Karen takes a really holistic approach, helping you deal with whatever you need – mind and body.

She’s a wise and intuitive coach – she really listens and helps you to help yourself. Physically I’m exercising properly again, and feel better than I have in years. Mentally I feel calmer, stronger, like I’m coming back to life – and Karen’s coaching facilitated it all.”

Kate Lord Brown, Author

Personal Life Coaching

“One very rarely finds a trainer as competent, dedicated and brilliant as Karen. The most important thing with training is that one returns and we want to again and again. Absolutely first class.”

Niall & Laura Brennan, Business Owners

Personal Training

“I’ve been taking Karen’s classes for nearly eight years now. She works to all levels and her classes are great fun. Above all they work! She doesn’t just help you to achieve your fitness goals, she helps you on your path to a whole new healthy lifestyle. “
Shiulie Ghosh, TV Presenter

Fitness Classes

“I cannot recommend Karen and her classes highly enough. I had a baby 10 months ago and Karen has turned my fitness around in just 60 days. I can honestly say that I feel stronger and fitter than ever before.
Her classes are fun and she is hugely motivating so you forget quite how hard you are working! She takes the time to talk to her clients and understand their fitness background. Her Sports Science knowledge and her vast experience means that she can recognise and treat a specific injury or problem so you know you are in safe hands!!“
Annabel MacKay, Awesome New Mum

Fitness Classes

Karen Porter’s personal training sessions not only transformed me physically, but also mentally. For the past year and a half, I have seen wonderful results to my physical appearance. I am stronger and fitter and have achieved many of my set goals; I now enjoy running – something I thought I’d never achieve. More importantly, my mindset has changed, healthy eating and physical fitness is a priority in my life which has brought a wonderful balance to me; something Karen ensured would happen. Her classes are fun and creative (interval training, conditioning, group boot camp and even having a swim session in the sea).

I thoroughly enjoy every single session because I know something new and exciting will always be introduced. She also is attentive to my needs and is constantly tracking my progress by giving valuable feedback which makes me work even harder. Her years of experience as a fitness expert confirms to me that I will achieve all my goals with her guiding and supporting me. Oh and if you’re lucky, she’ll make you try her wonderful energizing juices!”

Reem Al Khalifa, Lawyer

Personal Life Coaching

“Karen’s fitness classes are well organised, focused as well as good fun in the process. She is well informed on all exercises as well as general fitness and health and a great source of information.“

“A great way to better fitness!”“

Diarmuid Cronin, Lawyer

Fitness Classes

“Karen is an incredible teacher, as well as a thoroughly lovely person and tremendous life coach. She made me focus on my pilates technique and strength training which had an enormous impact on my core strength and overall fitness levels. I am really looking forward to using her expertise in Juice Plus and hopefully undertaking some Skype exercise classes in the future.”

Catherine Davies, Director

Personal Training

“Karen is such an amazing personal trainer, I really believe, she can motivate anyone to achieve and succeed their goals and dreams and even beyond. Anything is possible if you have the right person behind you. She has certainly helped me in my goal of achieving just over a five stone weight loss. It was hard work and initially seemed impossible but she helped me through the good and bad days, we set smaller milestones and it was so rewarding when I reached them.
She is so positive and encouraging you actually want her to set more challenging targets and you find yourself working harder to get there. Something this couch potato never thought I would be saying. I also think the fact that she has so much experience and the added advantage of her life coaching and nutrition skills really sets her apart from the average trainer. I’d like to think that not only have I found a great personal trainer, along with group classes which are challenging, fun and most importantly different each week so never boring or repetitive, but also a fitness friend. Thanks so much Karen, I feel so much stronger, fitter and focused as a result x“
Nicky Collings, Amazing Mum

Fitness Classes

“I have known Karen Porter for 10 years – originally as a friend and then as my fitness trainer and pilates teacher, and later as a student in Empower World’s coach training and mentoring programmes. And now I am grateful to say I know her as a certified coach. When I first met Karen, and particularly after experiencing her fitness training support in one to one and group situations – I truly believed Karen would make a wonderful and powerful coach.

Her attitude towards caring and supporting people to live a healthy, beautiful and fulfilling life; her ability to connect and communicate with people easily; as well as her passionate dedication to her craft (whichever craft she chooses to focus upon), were stand outs for me. I have no doubt Karen will continue to go on to become hugely successful in whichever direction she chooses to go as a coach.“

Jeanine Bailey, Director and Co-Founder, Empower World (Coach Training, Coaching, Facilitation)

Corporate Life Coaching

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