Karen is a lifecoach that specialises in physical and mental health. She is particularly interested in supporting women to live their best lives.

Karen doesn’t just do fitness. Fitness is often when you recommend and advise but coaching is about supporting you to go on a journey of self-discovery and find your success….whatever that means to YOU.

“I want to help women identify their own saboteurs and how to overcome them. How to find acceptance and move forward and indeed how to create a balance in a working world for women”

Over the six week programme, Karen will support you to create actions and empower you to take control in the areas you want to focus on. Together, you may also create and find new awareness which can could lead to great success and transformation.

Do you want to find balance between your work and home life?

Do you want improve you health? Physical and mental.

Would you like to gain more confidence and find your purpose?

Are you ready to make long lasting change?

YES? Then Women@Work programme is for you.

“Physical and mental health is critical for success: success at home, at work and in all your personal endeavours”.

Karen Porter