Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

You’re not alone. Most people are dragging themselves through each day on rock-bottom energy – overstretched, overburdened and weighed down further with a checklist of life-sapping symptoms like brain fog, bloating, skin problems, anxiety, belly fat, exhaustion, joint pain, sleep problems, low mood and the list goes on.

In our information-overload society, most of us are not short of health advice. You probably already know exactly what habits you need to adopt to get healthy. Knowing that is the easy bit. But actually, adopting those habits – and sticking to them in the long-term is the tricky part. Because, as we all know, change is hard.

It’s all too easy to get stuck in self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour. You may have already tried; perhaps many times – to get healthy and then slipped back into old habits and felt frustrated and angry with yourself for failing yet again.

That’s where health coaching comes in. I’m here to be your support and your motivator while you make those changes. I’m with you through the ups and the downs, empowering you to take back control of your health and achieve more energy, improved digestion, a sharper mind, a more positive outlook and to generally feel a whole lot better in your skin. In short, I’m here to help you become your healthiest, happiest self – for good.

If you’d like to get clear on your health goals and find out what’s coming between you and them, book yourself a FREE discovery session with me.

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● Live Facebook Workouts
● Daily Mindset Coaching
● Recipe Resource
● Goal Setting
● Sustainability Checking
● Online access via closed Facebook Group

● Improved clarity
●Weight loss
●Increased energy
●Better control
●Understanding emotional eating
●Understanding of your patterns and behaviour

What Makes LifeWorks Live Unique And Why Does It Work So Well?

  • Daily coaching in the Facebook group keeps you on track and I can serve you in a much more personal way, answering your questions and providing you with the best support and motivation. I can personalise things for you and make this fit into your
  • 100% of LifeWorks Live Members all said the DAILY LIVE coaching is what keeps them motivated, on track and excited about the results they are seeing.
  • Daily HOME workouts – Home weight training workouts plus a daily Fitness Pilates / Strength /HIIT and low-intensity workouts are the perfect way to get phenomenal mental and physical results without having to travel to a class or gym – save so much time doing it at home.
  • If you are a beginner, recovering from injury or haven’t exercised for a while and need to build up there are low-intensity workout options.
  • Daily nutritional advice explaining what to eat, how to eat, how to fit it into a busy lifestyle, have a social life and work it in with family life. This is KEY to long term success and sustainability.
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I Am with You at Every Step

I’ve been asked a lot recently about quick fixes and the best way to lose weight – Do I think that a low fat diet, hours of training or a low-cal, additive-filled shake are the magic solution to our ever-worsening obesity and health crisis? That would be a resounding “no” from me.

I continually come face to face with the fall-out from the multi-billion dollar diet industry: women (and quite often men too) who have lost all faith in themselves, who “fail” again and again and again, whose self-esteem is at rock bottom, who have deeply dysfunctional relationships with food, who waste much of their waking energy on weighing and measuring (their food or themselves) and on obsessing over and discussing their last or next weigh-in.

Two stone lost. Two and a half stone gained. Rinse and repeat. Year in, year out. It takes up their day. It takes up their life. It seeps into their career and their relationships. It trickles down into the next generation of children who grow up to repeat the very same

The answer to our crisis is staring us in the face. It doesn’t come in a choice of banana, strawberry or coffee flavours. It doesn’t doesn’t have a mega buck marketing campaign behind it, celebrity endorsements or catchy jingles on the radio.

It is simply this: lifestyle change.

Until we change our lifestyle, nothing, nothing, nothing changes. Lifestyle change is not instant. It’s not ripping open a packet of coloured gunk and mixing it with water to drink instead of a meal.

So, we are all at different stages of becoming ‘Sugar Free’ in our diets and over the coming weeks we will look at improving and changing from wherever we are now. I will support you to make changes, and I will trust that you will take responsibility for your choices in order to make the most out of this group. 🌟

I have heard many people say ‘I can’t cut out Sugar’ but the truth is YOU CAN. It will just take focus, support, stepping into an uncomfortable space at times AND remembering that your journey is different to others.

‘Wellbeing is important to us all. It’s not just about healthy eating and regular exercise. Wellbeing is more to do with feeling good about ourselves, getting the most out of our lives and feeling connected to other people. It enables us to cope when life gets tough or when our health suffers.

Good luck and I am with you at every step. 💫

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Programme Information

Start Date: 30th September 2019

Timing: To be mutually confirmed

Programme Options

Balance Standard: 4-week programme

Balance Added: Balance Standard + Four 30-min one-to-one coaching sessions

Balance Ultra: Balance Standard + Eight 30-min one-to-one coaching sessions

What Our Participants Say

“Karen is an incredible teacher, as well as a thoroughly lovely person and tremendous life coach. She made me focus on my technique and strength training which had an enormous impact on my core strength and overall fitness levels. I am really looking forward to undertaking her Facebook Online exercise and health class in the future.”

Catherine Davies, Director

Karen, thank you so much, I have gained so much from this programme, really do feel I have made a change that I will be able to maintain. Please let me know if you plan on doing anymore online programmes and I will endeavour to go to your classes over the summer 😘
Tracey hope you are getting there, my advice is just to keep going and no matter how small try to make one better choice everyday. Good Luck


Thanks, Karen, the HIIT sessions have been brilliant for me. I came home from work on Thursday feeling so tired but talked myself into doing one as it was only 10 minutes – felt so much better afterwards. I’m going to start from the beginning tomorrow and go through them all again. I do miss your daily posts though xx

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