Gaining clarity in a friendly session

Our group seminars – whether in a local school or a workplace – are organised to provide attendees with the basic tools they need for gaining clarity about what they want from their working life or personal life – with a set of clear guidelines on how to action that change. Our coaches can help break you out of a damaging daily routine and habits, helping you identify the excuses that are holding you back and stopping you achieving whatever seems just out of reach. These sessions are educational and challenging but are also rigorous and informative, but in a safe and friendly environment for all.

“A tool-kit for the mind”

How can these seminars help

Our bespoke seminars can be used to improve all areas of a person’s life – including providing the right methods to help fight anxiety and stress, improving overall health and well-being of our bodies, facing fears and phobias and building confidence.

“I can’t recommend Karen’s coaching highly enough. I’d been feeling overwhelmed by work, family, bereavement and expat life in general. Karen takes a really holistic approach, helping you deal with whatever you need – mind and body. She’s a wise and intuitive coach – she really listens and helps you to help yourself. Physically I’m exercising properly again, and feel better than I have in years. Mentally I feel calmer, stronger, like I’m coming back to life – and Karen’s coaching facilitated it all.”

Kate Lord Brown, Author