NLP with Coaching

This is an excellent tool for understanding people and their different ways of communicating! In terms of business we can help anyone improve how they communicate and make them more effective when empathising and negotiating with colleagues, employees and managers.

The many benefits of Life Coaching cannot be overstated, they can include:
– Gaining clarity about what you want from your working life or your personal life, and most importantly a clear plan for change.
– Improving all relationships with partners, family, friends and work colleagues across the board.
– Knowing your real worth at work and securing a pay rise or promotion that reflects this.
– Taking on that well deserved promotion and quickly being effective in your new role.
– increased confidence – not arrogance – and the ability to better deal with those nagging doubts.

Our Life Coaching Packages

Every client is different and we are scaleable to suit your needs.

Whether you are a small start-up entrepreneur or a larger international corporate we can build our programmes and provide coaches to suit your needs.

Karen Porter is an ICF Associate Certified Life Coach and looks to set the agenda for the coaching sessions by working closely with the client, defining what the organisation needs most from bespoke programmes.

Karen’s attitude towards caring and supporting people to live a healthy, beautiful and fulfilling life; her ability to connect and communicate with people easily; as well as her passionate dedication, were stand outs for me.
Jeanine Bailey, Director and Co-Founder, Empower World (Coach Training, Coaching, Facilitation)