About Body & Health By Design

Body & Health By Design was founded nearly ten years ago in the Middle East by leading fitness trainer and life coach, Karen Porter. Now relocated to Kent, Karen has expanded her business to the UK and is taking on new clients for life coaching, group classes, corporate training, personal training and wellness programmes.

Alongside over 20 years as a popular fitness trainer and teacher, Karen is also a highly successful life coach and NLP practitioner. She is able to combine both skills where necessary and help people, ranging from individuals, groups or corporate clients to achieve their personal life and work goals. Karen says: “Body & Health By Design came about through the passion I have for providing education around creating and owning your own health, both mind and body. By finding the right goals and having aspirations, whatever they may be, anyone can focus on the path to ultimate success and happiness”.

Meet Karen

Associate of the ICF and accredited NLP practitioner

With over twenty years experience in the fitness industry Karen has an in depth knowledge of health and fitness. Now based in the UK, Karen is seeing clients both privately and through corporate programmes, she has inspired others to enter the industry through her passion and believes that for a person to achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations, three vital aspects must be considered in harmony: mind, body and health!

“Karen is one of the most professional trainers I have ever met. She caters for all levels of fitness, she’s patient yet inspiring, and she achieves results. I highly recommend her.”

Shiulie Ghosh, TV Presenter