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Body & Health By Design help inspire change and add value to people’s lives and businesses through mindset, health and wellness. By finding the right goals and having aspirations, whatever they may be, anyone can focus on their path to ultimate success and happiness.

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We offer a range of fitness classes and personal training


Own your health – both mind and body

Finding your goals and having aspirations will lead you on your path to health and happiness in all aspects of your life

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Corporate and Personal Life Coaching

Various coaching packages are available to suit you and your particular circumstances, needs and goals


“I can’t recommend Karen’s coaching highly enough. I’d been feeling overwhelmed by work, family, bereavement and expat life in general. Karen takes a really holistic approach, helping you deal with whatever you need – mind and body. She’s a wise and intuitive coach – she really listens and helps you to help yourself.

Physically I’m exercising properly again, and feel better than I have in years. Mentally I feel calmer, stronger, like I’m coming back to life – and Karen’s coaching facilitated it all.”

Kate Lord Brown, Author

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